Molly Darcy's North Myrtle Beach

Cead Mile Failte

Molly Darcy's North Myrtle Beach
is directly located on the famous Grand Strand. Come and relax on our outdoor patio as you enjoy sunsets on the Atlantic Ocean. Come and join us daily with fine Irish Fare and fresh local favorites. The kids are always welcome and can visit our extensive game room.

was born with a flair for the dramatic, in a year she would never disclose and no one else could ever seem to document. Flaming red hair and a banshee cry announced the birth of a truly tempestuous Irish woman to all of West Cork. Her wiles, beauty and charm beguiled the neighbors, nuns and truly helpless young lads of Ireland. Namesake of the grandmother who was owner of the famed Muckross Hotel, she embodies characteristics of both a revolutionary and an ancient Celtic warrior Queen. Tis' rumored that young Molly was a bit fey, meaning she possessed a Celtic propensity for psychic intuition.

Varying from the Titanic to the occasional Irish sweepstakes winner, her clearest foretelling was of a clamorous pub: filled with would be Irishmen, in auld Danbury, County Fairfield, Americas. Her spirit permeates these walls and influences the song, drink, food, dance and banter to be found here. We hope her pub will transport you a bit in time and place. So relax, enjoy and raise a pint to Molly, who was fond of saying...
"If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance." est. 2005

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